© 2019 Mary Stark

Image by Radio Revolten International Festival of Radio Art, 2016

This website compiles documentation relating to Mary Stark's expanded cinema performance Film as Fabric  from 2012 to present. Videos, sound recordings, photographs, notes, and drawings record the development of the performance, as well as field research and studio practice.  

Mary Stark is an artist filmmaker with a background in textile practice based in Rossendale, Lancashire. From 2011, Mary's artist studio and numerous performances took place in former cotton mills around Manchester, the birth place of the Industrial Revolution. Since 2012, Mary has been developing an expanded cinema performance that takes Annabel Nicolson's Reel Time as a point of departure examine how fabric and stitch patterns transform into optical sound. The filmmaking technology of optical sound involves visual forms in the soundtrack area of the filmstrip turning into noise through film projection. Mary's performances summon absent voices and obsolete industries, involving 16mm film projection, light and shadow, mechanical noise and music associated with textile production.




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